Welcome to CrownRe Innovative Materials Corp.


CrownRe Innovative Materials Corp. is founded in 2008, mainly focused on rare earth deep-processed materials; CrownRe has several production lines on rare earth deep-processed materials:
1. Rare earth thermal spray coating powders` stable production (since 2012),
2. Rare earth catalytic materials, Cerium Zirconium mixed oxide (since 2008),
3. Rare earth separation and high purity rare earth oxide production. (Holding company-ZHONGKAI, Since 1998).
CrownRe covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has modern plant and advanced automatic machines and inspecting instruments.
Production capacity:
Rare earth catalytic materials-500 tons yearly;
Rare earth thermal spray coating powder- 50 tons yearly;
Rare earth oxide- 2500 tons yearly.