Electronics & Semiconductors


CrownRe is the Best Thermal Spray Materials Producing Partner for the Electronics & Semiconductor Industry

CrownRe is becoming an industry leader in providing thermal spray and coating materials for the electronics and semiconductor industry. From silicon wafer production to printed circuit boards to semiconductor components, we can provide the highest quality of coatings materials to meet all your unique business needs. Please send us an inquiry today to learn more about our specialized solutions for the electronics and semiconductor industry.


 CrownRe has vast experience with the industrial processes and harsh environments that electronics and semiconductor equipment are subjected. Our coating materials in the electronics and semiconductor industry are optimized for ensuring higher performance without compromising on the ductility, power retention and corrosion resistance properties of electronic components.

Coating and Spraying Materials Offered for the Electronics & Semiconductor Industry

Our range of specialty coating materials is geared toward accentuating the longevity, safety and performance of electrical components and semiconductors. Here’s a brief look at some of CrownRe materials application for the electronics and semiconductor industry:

Electric Coatings

CrownRe conform to the best industry standards in dielectric coatings. Among the most commonly used thermal spray dielectric materials are polymers and oxide ceramics. It has been found that ceramics exhibit greater durability and resistance to wear than polymers. Additionally, ceramics also exhibit better dielectric strengths. Although oxides of titanium (titania) and aluminum (alumina) are the most commonly used, some other oxides are also employed in dielectric coatings.

Electrically Conductive Coating Solutions

The property to conduct electricity is present in many materials, and this property can be affected by changes in temperature and the external environment. Useful conductors include metals and metal alloys such as aluminum, copper, silver and their alloys, owing to their extremely low resistivity. At higher temperatures, other materials such as moly-disilicide and iron-chrome-aluminum that produce a self-healing, protective scale can suit the purpose better.

EMI and RFI Shielding Coatings

Some commonly used materials in our high quality coatings include a mix of pure metals and their alloys. These metals are generally tin, zinc, copper and aluminum which are very effective in providing RFI and EMI Shielding. Incoming RFI or EMI is either absorbed or deflected as these materials prevent any interference from coming in contact with the coated electronics equipment. Our coatings can also be deposited on almost all types of substrate materials.

Pure Silicon Protective Coatings

CrownRe for several years has been a leading supplier of pure silicon coatings materials for the Semiconductor Industry, most notably in the Ion Implant process. Silicon in purities could be 99.999%  to increasing the yield and speed of fabricated product by protecting the mostly aluminum components of this process from the implant beam.