Thermal Spray Coating Powder


 Coatings are materials which protect and conserve a component from chemical, mechanical, or thermal attack. CrownRe’s materials play a crucial role in imparting the desired function of the coating. CrownRe offers high-quality yttrium oxide Y2O3, Yttrium fluoride YF3, YOF,Yttrium Zirconium oxide YSZ(3-8mol), nano Alumium oixde Al2O3,nano Zirconium oxide ZrO2,Chromium oxide Cr2O3,Titanium oxide TiO2 , Aluminum Titanium oxide Al-Ti and other spray coating materials,which are mainly used in plasma spray coating as semiconductor etching/LED etching field, engine turbine blades, sputtering target materials and other high tech industrial fields.

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