Nano Alulminium Hydroxide 4N-5N



 CAS No.: 21645-51-2

Nanometer aluminum hydroxide always used as flame retardants, catalyst and fillers in rubber, plastics and coatings;
Meanwhile, it is also widely used in information, microelectronics, biotechnology, chemical engineering, environment, medicine and other fields.
As one of halogen-free flame retardants synthetic materials, it has characteristic of flame retardant, smoke abatement and padding functions, without any secondary pollution.


Style No. CN-LA20 CN-LA30
Appearance White powder White powder
pH 9-10 9-10
Purity 99.99% 99.9%
Particle size, nm 10-30 30-50
Surface area (m2/g) 200-300 150-200

1. Used as flame-retardant filler in resin, synthetic rubber, plastics to improve the flame resistance and arc resistance;
2. Used as catalyst or catalyst carrier.
3. Used as coating in copperplate paper surface, filler in the flame-retardant paper and pigment in ink, ceramic etc.
Storage: Store closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight.
Package: 5kg/carton