Impact of Polishing Powders Performance Indicators



The polishing mold should be soft. It should be noted that many polyurethane polishing film added cerium oxide polishing powders. The maximum particle size of these polishes also determines the final polishing accuracy. In our opinion, it is best to use a polishing mold without polishing powders.

Impact of polishing powders performance indicators

1  The size of the particle size: determine the polishing accuracy and speed, the number of commonly used and the average particle size of the powder to. The mesh size of the sieve can grasp the relative particle size of the powder, and the average particle size determines the overall level of the particle size of the polishing powders.

2 The powder Mohs hardness: relatively large hardness of the powder with a faster cutting effect, while adding some grinding aids, etc. can also improve the cutting effect; different areas of application will be very different, including their own processing technology The

3 The powder suspension: good powder requirements polishing powders to have a better suspension, the shape of the powder and the size of the size of the suspension performance has a certain impact, sheet and the size of the fine polishing powders relative to the suspension Be better, but not right. The increase in the suspension performance of the polishing powders can also be improved by adding a agent.

4 The powder crystal form: the powder crystal form is a group of single crystal particles together, determines the powder of the cutting, wear resistance and mobility. Powder particles together in the polishing process of separation (broken), so that the machinability, abrasion resistance gradually decreased, irregular hexagonal crystal particles with good machinability, wear resistance and mobility The

5  The appearance of color: Pr content in raw materials and burning temperature and other factors, the higher the content of praseodymium, the powder is brown. Low cerium polishing powders contains a large amount of praseodymium (cerium praseodilate material), it was brown. High cerium polishing powders, the higher the burning temperature, its significant white powder, low temperature (900 C), its significant yellow.