Application Analysis Of Rare Earth Polishing Powders


Northeast Metal Chemical Company plans to specialize in the production of optical lenses and liquid crystal display polishing powders, it is learned that Showa Denko plans to invest 500 million yen to expand its cerium-based polishing powders production capacity to meet the electrical equipment and semiconductor devices market demand , Its wholly-owned company Northeast Metal Chemical Company will invest 250 million yen to expand the production capacity of cerium-based abrasive, the product grade ROX, for the PC's LCD screen and hard disk glass substrate polishing, is expected to make monthly production Up to 200 tons, as Japan's peers in the large, its sales target is 2 billion yen in 2002, Showa Denko will Nagano Prefecture to invest 250 million yen to build a new plant, the production of semiconductors for chemical machinery polishing powders, Grade GPL, is expected to produce capacity of 200 tons, in 2002 sales will reach 3 billion yen.


For the consumption of rare earth polishing powders, Japan is the largest consumer, the annual production of about 3550 ~ 4000 tons of polishing powders, the output value of 35 to 40 billion yen, but also from France, the United States and China imported part of the polishing powders, One of the largest polishing powders The consumer market is a color cathode ray tube.


In the mid-1990s, the production of cathode ray tubes in Japan turned overseas, while the output of flat display products increased rapidly, and the demand for cerium-based polishing powders increased rapidly. It is estimated that Japan's consumption of flat-panel displays for liquid crystal display 50% of the market. Since the 1990s, Japan has transferred its cathode ray tube production technology and equipment to the overseas, such as: Japan Qingmei Chemical since 1989 in overseas production of cathode ray tube with cerium-based polishing powders, in 1989 in Taiwan to establish a wholly-owned enterprises , 1990 production, the current production capacity of 1,000 tons per year in 1997 and China Baotou Iron and Steel Company joint venture in Baotou established a specialized production of color cathode ray tube, tube and flat glass polishing powders business, design capacity of 1200 per year Ton, the raw materials used for high-grade fluorocarbonite and cerium-rich carbonated rare earth, therefore, the new Japan Metal Chemical Company cathode ray tube polishing powders from China and Taiwan due to the impact of a large number of low-cost polishing powders, Liquid crystal display with high performance polishing powders production.