Notes for Use with Glass Polishing Powders



Glass polishing when the use of polishing powder, the first important thing is to clean the glass, polishing before the preparation work, polishing attention to careful operation, the heart polishing, pay attention to concentration, skilled operation, so as to throw better glass, for the use of polished powder, more can learn from the above considerations.

With the development of glass technology, industrial glass processing requirements are more and more high, glass polishing technology is more and more sophisticated, which leads to the higher the requirements of polishing powders, technical work in the glass polishing, if the operation is not blocked, you can damage the glass, in order to avoid this human-made damage, Small addendum on the use of glass polishing powders to make a small summary of the notes A, glass polishing when the attention check

1, check the polishing when the tools are complete, only the equipment is ready, and tools have no problem before polishing the good glass.

2, check the clean glass and glass polishing sandpaper surface, can not have any dust, sand and other adhesion.

3, before the glass polishing, the examination needs to be polished the glass position to use the clear division, avoids the move to cause the polishing area to be too big, polishes the glass which should not throw.

4, check the need to repair the edge of the glass around the tape is tight, so as to avoid glass polishing the car and the surrounding environment.

5, check the polished glass parts whether sand belt sanding OK, if grinding uneven polishing out will also appear problems.

Second, glass polishing when using polishing powders notes

At present, glass polishing is commonly used in three ways, acid polishing, fire polishing, polishing powders polishing, now the most industrial use is polishing powder polishing.

1, in the use of glass polishing powder, the first to clean the surface of the glass, when spraying polishing powder, it is best to sprinkle a layer of water on the surface of the glass, so as to facilitate polishing powder can be faster bonding, and glass polishing powder is not easy to fall off, but also to prevent the use of polished powder in the case of falling off. Sprinkle the polishing powder and then mix thoroughly, so that the effect is very good.

2, after the polishing powder on the glass, in the use of wool polishing wheel to polish the glass, so that in the use of glass will not be defective, and allow users to use the glass when the user can enhance the use of glass experience.

3, Glass polishing powder in use, in order to let the polishing powder in the use of the time does not fall, in the sprinkle polishing powder when the best can be the surface of the glass dust and garbage removal, so spraying glass polishing powder in use can not easily fall off.