In 2020, CrownRe achieved the development of new materials YAG,YOF composite and La2Zr2O7.

In 2019,CrownRe took two years on YOF R&D, and get successfully now on producing stable YOF.

In 2018,CrownRe`s gamma Alumina Al2O3 with large pore volume is completed the trial production run successfully.

In 2016, CrownRe signed the new technology developing agreement of high performance coating powder with Xi`an Jiaotong University;

In 2015, CrownRe enlarges the production on deep-processed rare earth materials- Catayst and Ceramic powders;

             and signed the technology developing agreement of rare earth catalytic materials with Zhejiang University.

In 2012, New project on thermal spray coating powders runs successfully.

In 2008, Shandong Rare earth ( Parent Group) founded CrownRe and made it the goal to be one advanced rare earth deep-processed materials leader. and successfully finished the trial production on rare earth catalytic materials, applied in vehicle emission reduction.

In 2005, Group bulit the cooperation with Bao-stell rare earth group.

In 1998, Group started the rare earth production: Rare earth carbonate, Rare earth nitrate.


  The first Rare earth separation production line in 1998.